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Due righe davanti al caminetto…

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…giusto per ricordare che quest’estate ci siamo divertiti di più, fuori piove e… bè, anche in Olanda è piovuto non poco !!!

Il riassunto del Mondiale fatto dalla segretaria di classe, Golly


The story in one paragraph: 160 RS Fevas from 3 continents gatheredon the shores of a brand new major event location at Bruinisse on the Grevelingen Lake in Holland.The 2 day qualification series started with a proper blow. Had the blowcontinued there is little doubt that Jovian Short & James Barlow would nowbe World Champions such was their awesome dominance. The wind then got muchlighter and different teams took their turn at glory hunting. One day wascanned due to inappropriately light wind but the fun was saved with aerobicsand dance routines, beach volleyball, football and aquaballs. By the final dayit was a two boat shootout and an opportunity for the Dutch girls Floor &Sterre Vrijenhoek to almost grab the Ladies Champions title as well as thebronze medal although they ultimately took first place not on podium .Ultimately Matt Whitfield & Scott Wallis sailed a brilliant series and aredeserving World Champions relegating last years winners, Owen Bowerman &Charlie Darling to the Silver medal with Bronze scooped by Robert Baddeley& James Taylor.

And a bit more explanation!: Given the overdue nature (too much growing in the winter) ofShort & Barlow’s move into 29ers it was unlikely that they would maintainthere first day dominance as the winds eased during the week. The strong breezeallowed the British Team, who have a preponderance of breeze during training,to dominate the leaderboard early on in the event. As the lighter winds camethrough the heavier teams like the above and the likes of Tucker & Collinofell away a bit whilst the lighter teams made their presence felt. MatteoPilati & Mattia Duchi from Italyput together a final two days (6th), that repeated over the wholeevent would have had them nibbling away at the podium places. Debbie and TommyDarling made a strong bid for the family award but two false starts put paid totheir overall threat (5th).

Morgan Peach & Herbie Harford missed challenging for theItalians position in 6th by the margin of one poor windshift in thelast race! Italians Leonardo Stocchero & Rainer Sanchez comefortably took 8thahead of their compatriots Francesca Bergamo & Allessandra Dubbini who werealso 2nd ladies team. Rounding out the top 10 were Father/daughtercombo Graeme & Hannah Bristow who had marvellous moments including somegood support from Hannah’s godfather on the blog! Third ladies team in 11thoverall (on a tie break from the Bristows) were yet more Italians, Camilla& Giorgia Angiolini.

Leading British ladies team were Anna Prescott & JessEales in 14th overall (4th ladies) and that was on alosing tiebreak from the top Estonians Georg Haud & Jaan Pihel. 12thwere the leading Swedes Emil Andersson & Dennis Fonseca Karlsson. Top HKGwere Matt Hollis & Scarlett Manzoni in 19th. Conor & Dab O’Beirnewere the toast of the Irish during this rebuilding year following theirstupendous success last year. Herman Bordal & Dominykas Rubinskas led theterrific Norwegians home whilst Pernille Husby Nielsen & Daniel Hannesbowere magnificent competitors for Denmarkand would have given many more a fright if the Aeolius had puffed harder andlonger.

Hugely satisfying to the class chairman (as that was wherehe learned to sail!) was the performance of Herve Houard & YannickBongaerts from Belgiumwho won the silver fleet. Second were Lucy & Sophie Caseldine whilst thirdwas snaffled by Cameron Webber & Jo Fenwick.

World Junior Champions (U13 at end 2011) are CourtneyBilbrough & Orla Mitchell who sail out of Docklands Watersports &Sailing Centre, runners up are Caroline Heiberg & Marie Bordal (NOR)whilst 3rd place was deservedly taken by two of the nicest Spanishkids ever Albert Gelpi & Eduard Boneta.

Bronze fleet winners were Emma & Jessica Scourfield whohad an awful first day but were brilliant thereafter. They beat into 2nd Veronique de By & Guus Dutilh fromthe home nation who bar for a slip on the final day would have been moretroublesome whilst third was the ever improving Samuel Grade with theincredible Katie Prescott who always seems to win something!

Special mention must go to DJ Henk who took his Disco boathouse out onto the course and entertained whilst the race committee wasrelaying the course (See photo!). That brings us to the race officer – Peter Annink.If running a junior or youth event in particular, but I imagine the same foradults) you will not find a better man in Holland.I’ve never before had 14 year olds come off the water praising the PRO. Thatsays it all and it wasn’t just the one who said that. The Royal Maas were justawesome in the depth and detail of their organisation. A worthy 160 boats tocelebrate their 160th anniversary. The Prom night was celebrated infine fashion by all but the Irish outfits and the Hong Kongenthusiasm are worthy of singling out. It isn’t worth risking ones hearing andsanity by dragging the chairman onto the stage for some Karaoke either. The Britishcoaches challenge in Aquaball (zorbing to some) racing clearly allowed theoutgoing NJS coach to indulge in some sharp practice when his opponentmysteriously sank with the zipper having ‘failed’. And final mention to Richard& Marieka from Aquavitesse without whose tireless efforts on site nothingwould have been nearly as smooth!

We’ll see everybody at next year’s worlds the last week ofJuly at HISC. The Olympic Opening ceremony has been timed to coincide with theend of the RS Feva Worlds closing ceremony. I’m pretty sure it was planned thatway around!

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